jueves, octubre 26, 2006

Sotavento's golden birthday

Yesterday, Sotavento turned 25 years old. We'll be celebrating this 25th anniversary with a new recording, Llegar. Happy birthday Sotavento.

By the time the group started, I was playing sonatas and concertos somewhere in Salamanca, dreaming with my friends and thinking of starting a school of music that later will open in 1983-84. It wasn't until 1992 that I joined Sotavento. It's been a wonderful journey, full of friendship, travels and music. It's been a fantastic mean to connect with other musicians and to create long lasting relationships; a mean to learn, experience music in different ways, create, and challenge ourselves while searching for ways to push musical boundaries; a way to bound some musical expressions with our own beings. Now, after all those years, we are still creating and reinventing a sound that is part of what we are. Is it because we keep on playing the music that we like? Is it because we still laugh and enjoy playing music and travelling together?.

3 comentarios:

nina dijo...

All the above. Happy birthday!

sw dijo...

¡pero qué guapos estais! ¡madre mía! (¿es la foto o pancho está mas delgado?)un abrazo para los dos

raquel dijo...

sw, debe ser la foto y que vestir de oscuro hace más delgado. Esta foto es del 15 de junio y poco después tú viste a Pancho. El lago de fondo es el Mendota, uno de los lagos de Madison. ¿Cuándo venís A. y tú a hacernos una visita?