sábado, febrero 17, 2007

Aquarius y acuarios

According to the stars, aquarius born on February 17th are strong-willed and determined, persons with an active mind, likely to have a close circle of friends, creative, and independent. Selim, you are all that and much more. I am happy to be able to celebrate life with you. Playing music and cooking for you today, what a nice celebration!

Manuel, también el horóscopo dice que los nacidos este día son muy trabajadores, inventivos y de mente analítica. Tú, para nosotros, muy querido. Siempre te echamos de menos. Una vela para tí en ese pastel de cumpleaños de hoy con sabores a fresas y limón.

2 comentarios:

selim dijo...

Thank you Raquel.. I had such a good time. Playing music with you and others is the best gift I've ever had. The cake was the first for me since my childhood.. Thanks for sharing such a pleasent day with me.

raquel dijo...

bir sey degil