martes, enero 09, 2007

Hanan Omara, our guide

Hanan Omara has been our guide here in Egypt. We have been lucky having her –and just for both of us. To see through her eyes, her choices, her stories, her knowledge. Choices that have been good to us, knowledge that has been connecting the sights we have visited. Sensitive, she has customized things for us without having to ask twice. It’s been nice to have a woman with us, to be able to get from her a sense of how it is like to grow up in a Muslim country being a woman. By the end of the four days in Cairo, we feel her strengh and wisdom even more than at the beginning, her sweetness appearing at all times, her friendship hugging our heart.

Hanan, thank you for being patient and willing to travel with us. Here are some photos of you in some of the sites that we visited with you

En Menfis

En la mezquita de Mohamed Aku

Caminando por donde una vez estuvo el faro de Alejandria

En el anfiteatro

En el barrio copto